Beef has a different content in macronutrients depending on the age of sacrifice and the part consumed.

Its content in high biological value proteins is outstanding. The leanest parts have around 6 g. of fat per 100 grams of complete food, whereas those with higher lipid content have in excess of 20 g. per 100 grams of food. Amongst the minerals, it principally provides haem iron as well as zinc, both of great bioavailability, magnesium and phosphorus.

It is also a meat which stands out for its group B vitamins.

In order to improve the calorie profile of our present diet, it is recommended in choosing the beef we will eat to go for the leaner types and parts, leaving the fatty meats for sporadic consumption (especially for people with some kind of disease such as: dyslipidaemias or cardiovascular disease…)

The energy content and nutrients of the different parts of beef are presented below.


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