In 2005, we implemented a system for following a born and controlling all products, in order to improve the information on the movements, handling and identification of the meat.

The aim was to adapt our company to the regulations governing the features of our products, to provide information on labelling, the production procedures, the preparation…

Achieving the strictest compliance with food quality and safety regulations, applying the traceability model of the European Union.

Controls and products

The self-controls are well defined and established, both from the meat product associations and in the microbiological checks. Every section is assigned a controller who performs the inspections every day, taking note of and efficiently resolving the parameters outside the regulatory limits. An external company performs microbiological sampling, which is optimal as we have a very closed circuit with our own farms, slaughterhouse, cutting room and filleting room to avoid any breaks in the cold chain, and the fluidity of the work ensures that no more than 60 hours pass from sacrifice to packaging.

Depending on our customers’ demand (from traditional butchers, small and medium areas to large distributors) we offer a wide range of beef, pork and lamb products with a large diversity and adaptability in the form of the packs.