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Our farms

Viñals Soler has its own farms where it carries out all the technical and laboratory controls, veterinary monitoring, and compliance with community regulations on animal welfare.



We have a 6,518 m2 beef slaughterhouse with the capacity to slaughter 1,600 animals per week and another sheep slaughterhouse with the capacity to slaughter 1,000 heads per week.


Cutting plant

We work in the most efficient way and with the latest technologies.

The quartering and cutting process begins after the carcass has cooled for 24 hours. The half carcasses are quartered and boned, thereafter, the pieces are polished, vacuum-packed, and labelled.


Fillet and processing hall

We adapt to each customer's needs by offering a variety of products, filleting, and packaging solutions.

We take care of all the details so that the product arrives in its optimal conditions. Likewise, in the processing room we obtain a weekly production of 4 T. In trays of different Skin leaf formats to preserve the properties of the freshest product.


Distribution and logistics

We offer fast and on-time supply to any part of the world, whether you are a large or small customer.