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What quality means for VIÑALS SOLER


Working with local partners, we ensure the best raw materials.


We strive every day to ensure zero food incidents.
Consumer confidence in our products is essential.


Our meat guarantees balanced nutrition that contributes to people’s health and well-being due to its high quality.


We are moved by the search for rewards with our products.
The satisfaction and pleasure of eating well.

Food quality and safety

At Viñals Soler we control the entire agrifood chain, guaranteeing traceability, food safety, and quality from farm to fork. The organisation has established a series of commitments on which its Food Safety and Quality Management System is based:


To know our customers' needs to implement actions that satisfy them.


To achieve our client's satisfaction, we offer them a high-quality product made to the client's specifications and fast and consistent service.


To produce sustainable and environmentally friendly products, paying special attention to the discharges generated by the company's activity.


To promote ethical and personal responsibility, aiming at continuous improvement.


To manufacture products following the strictest standards (IFS) of hygiene and food safety and under legal and regulatory requirements for both the product and the processes with their specifications.

To guarantee

To guarantee the authenticity of Halal Guarantee Mark products under international Halal standards and to continuously improve its application and development.


To spread the culture of safety and quality to ensure that all company workers incorporate responsible behaviour habits into the different tasks they perform, ensuring a solid management system with greater assurance and capability of anticipating risks.
Quality is displayed in the specific targets and goals for the different company areas, which will be based on the detected needs and the proposed points for improvements.


Viñals Soler, always seeks food safety and quality above all. All its products are backed by the most rigorous quality standards and its commitment to always being up to date in terms of food safety.


CERTICAR, S.L., entity accredited by ENAC in compliance with the Standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17065 con nº 04/C-PR141.


At Viñals Soler we are certified by the Halal Institute of Córdoba to be able to slaughter, cut, package, and market Halal beef, sheep, and goat meat in compliance with the Regulations for the Use of the Halal Guarantee Mark of the Islamic Board.
We have the GSO 2055-1 and GSO 993:2015 standards included in the certificate, thus demonstrating Viñals Soler’s commitment to bringing Halal food to different parts of the world.


At Viñals Soler we have the ecological certification that allows us to market food with the names “Ecological”, “biological” and “organic”. These denominations within the European Union must comply with regulations and be certified by an authorised control body. In Catalonia, the control body is the “Consell de la Producció Agrària Ecològica” (CCPAE).


Viñals Soler slaughters calves under the “Q” Mark parameters regulated by the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda of the Generalitat of Catalonia.
The veal meat covered by this distinction comes from meat-breed animals and their crosses.
The animals’ feed is 100% vegetable supplemented with vitamins and minerals, with a minimum of 50% portions of cereal, 10% vegetables rich in fibre, and 5% legumes, at least during the last 6 months.
The maximum slaughter age is 12 months.
Once the carcasses have been slaughtered, they undergo a maturation process of at least four days until they reach the consumer to increase their tenderness.


Viñals Soler has the SAE (self-control export system) level 3, which is what Royal Decree 993/2014 establishes for final-producing establishments that intend to export products destined for human consumption whenever the destination country demands additional health requirements to those of the European regulations and/or when it demands the existence of a specific export list of establishments authorised to export to that country.
The certifier is SAICA.

IFS Food

The IFS Food food safety standard is recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) to audit companies which are engaged in food manufacturing. This standard is focused on the quality and food safety of processed products.

Animal welfare WQ

Viñals Soler’s animal welfare certification is managed by IRTA in collaboration with Neiker-Tecnalia, based on the European Welfare Quality project and the European AWIN® project, which developed systems to evaluate and control animal welfare in farms and slaughterhouses.
This evaluation system is based on 4 principles: GOOD FOOD, GOOD ACCOMMODATION, GOOD HEALTH and APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR.
At Viñals Soler we have the whole chain audited, from the farm to the dispatch of our products, because we are aware of the benefits that animal welfare brings, both in terms of quality and production efficiency. In addition to respecting animals from birth to slaughter.
Consumers will have guaranteed information by labelling the product with the Animal Welfare seal (WQ).


The Provedella distinctive identifies the beef raised in Catalonia, our area. It guarantees that it has been created following the voluntary measures and the current legality, taking care of several factors.